About Us

Founder & CEO

In childhood when the kids are setting their life goals and they want to become doctor, engineer or an astronaut; Lisa wanted to open a pet shelter.

It was like a mission for Lisa to open a pet shelter for dogs, and the inspiration of “lucky tail” came from the unsuccessful attempts to find clothes for the pet dog Pascal. After realising the fact that she was not able to find the high quality clothes for Pascal she decided to take a step to get the best things around for the dogs.

The name “Lucky tail” is inspired from the idea that the dog is happy when the tail is joyful. So, we here at Luckytail, are striving hard to get their tails always joyful and happy.

Lisa felt that people are busy in making their lifestyle perfect and the pets are therefore being neglected by them. There is no doubt in it that the pets are the major part of life and they require equal attention and care.


There is vast variety of products available, such as jumpers, hoodies, collars and many other things specifically designed so that you will be able to get the perfect one for your dog. The material used is as amazing as anyone could imagine, satisfaction is guaranteed.


Practicality is guaranteed as the functional element of the accents can be seen. For example, if there is a bow tie for the dog, then it will be with a hook and a piece from an accent to the collar. Moreover, there are products available for the medical issues of your dog.


While keeping the needs of the customers, luckytail is proud to say that all the products are designed according to your needs. You will get stylish, sophisticated and elegant products with our brand.

The brand

We believe in developing a trustworthy relation with our customers, once you are getting the best possible product then you will never look anywhere else for your dog.